Tango Mugre

In 2004, I saw the late great Carlos Gavito perform in Buenos Aires. I still cannot forget the emotion I felt. At that time he was so weakened by illness and surgery that he needed assistance just to walk.. There was no trace of the poise and elegance he once displayed as the star of Forever Tango…

How Can Women Get More Out of Group Classes?

What should women do when they feel they cannot learn in group classes?
For example, when the man cannot lead the pattern well and the woman cannot practice her part?
Here are some tips:
– Learn how to respond to different situations
– Learn how to give permission
– Learn how to be calm and comfortable
– How to learn from partners who are not easy to dance with

What a Stuck-up Place

“This place sucks. I have been to many milongas but I haven’t seen such a snobbish place. They never even look at the newcomers,” he said with an angry voice. “It can be a little rough if you don’t know anybody,” I replied…