How Can Women Get More Out of Group Classes?

What should women do when they feel they cannot learn in group classes?
For example, when the man cannot lead the pattern well and the woman cannot practice her part?
Here are some tips:
– Learn how to respond to different situations
– Learn how to give permission
– Learn how to be calm and comfortable
– How to learn from partners who are not easy to dance with

Tango Middle Age

I have already danced for 20 years. It is only appropriate to call myself tango middle-aged. I no longer watch tango videos every day, nor go to milongas five or six times a week. I miss those days on occasion…

What a Stuck-up Place

“This place sucks. I have been to many milongas but I haven’t seen such a snobbish place. They never even look at the newcomers,” he said with an angry voice. “It can be a little rough if you don’t know anybody,” I replied…

Dancing in the Dark

Once a student asked me for help. I danced with her and gave her some advice. At the end I felt she was worrying too much about her technique, so I said, “Technique takes time. It’s ok if you don’t do it perfectly…


I met Andrea Missé and Javier Rodriguez right before I moved to Seoul. How did they change my tango? Why did we invite them to Korea to teach? Andrea passed away a few years later. What does her legacy mean to me?